Geoff’s Bonsai Journey

Geoff’s Bonsai journey began in 1990, although his interest in Bonsai was much earlier. When a small Lilly-Pilly (Waterhousea species) began growing between the house and a concrete path and produced an interesting shape, Geoff potted the Lilly-Pilly and his Bonsai collection began. He still has the Lilly-Pilly and has shaped and re-shaped it a number of times.

Since 1990 Geoff has spoken to 100’s of people about his passion and has enjoyed attending shows and displays. He has read many books, and like many beginners killed a great number of plants to get to where he is today. Starting with Figs (mainly Banyan) he then grew an interest in the Desert Rose (Adenium obesum) as a Bonsai, growing several varieties from seed, as these make an interesting Bonsai. Geoff has now developed a keen interest in shaping various Jade trees (Crassula species), finding the Jade interesting and easy to shape, they look fantastic at any size and are able to be planted in very shallow pots.

The beginning of Jade Bonsai Gallery was born from an ever increasing collection and Geoff’s desire to acquire more trees. Jade Bonsai believes in raising awareness of Bonsai and the joy they can bring.


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